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Ditch the old business cards!

The Future is now! If it's true, a picture is worth a thousand words, then these new My Crown smart cards, are worth 10,000 old school business cards.

Card 2.png

These cards are perfect for Entrepreneurs, Influencers and business owners on the move. The days of having 1,000 plus business cards lying around are gone, the future is going digital and so should your marketing. Our Cards are used by a wide range of clients from artists, to small business owners and even those that just want a little bit of entertainment. These multi-purpose smart cards are a must have, for those wanting to have more of an effect, on who they network with. There is no batteries required, just tap on any android or IOS device and your links will be instantly transferred via notification.

To purchase yours, first fill out the Section below.

Digital Media Cards

Place the links you would like to program, to your digital media card.


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